Psalms 119: 35-37

35 Help me stay on the path of Your commands for I take pleasure in it.   Staying on the path of the Lord’s commands.   Davids prayer is for God to help him stay there, to travel, to direct his path.   It’s interesting, because he ends the verse by saying he takes pleasure in it.  He takes pleasure in the direction.  Not so … More Psalms 119: 35-37

Psalms 119:33-34

So, I’m at work.  Working a double today.  Came on at 3pm Tuesday, and leaving 7 am Weds.  Not sure why I agreed to it, but there it is.  Normally, I wouldn’t work on a Tuesday afternoon because it’s dedicated to Revolution leadership meeting and small groups after, but the boss asked, and I said yes.  … More Psalms 119:33-34

Psalm 119:30-32

30 I have chosen the way of faithfulness;    I have set my heart on your laws.  David is stating he’s made a choice with is life.   He’s chosen the way of faithfulness.   It’s the same choice everyone has, which path do we take in life, in faith, in our life path, however you want to call … More Psalm 119:30-32

PSALM 119:27-29

27 Cause me to understand the way of your precepts,    that I may meditate on your wonderful deeds.    Key words in this verse: Understand, and meditate.  If I felt frisky, I’d try to diagram it, maybe pull out the subject/verb/pronoun’s etc….but yeah, not going to try that one at the moment.  I’d have to go back … More PSALM 119:27-29

Psalms 119:24-32

This portion for some reason has been a challenge for me to understand.  Let’s see what happens. 25″ I am laid low in the dust;    preserve my life according to your word. ”   This verse, to me, speaks to utter depression.   David is saying he is nothing but dust, he’s bottomed out.   I had to … More Psalms 119:24-32

New challange

So, I’m at work, but I’d thought I’d do a quick post.   I’m attempting a new challenge, it may not seem like a challenge, but for me it might be.   I’m going on a cheese fast.  Not the actual cheese as in the dairy product, but the cheese as in my humor, comments, etc.   I … More New challange

Psalm 119:21-24

Time kind of got away from me…..well, I got lazy, let’s be honest.   Tuesday, I worked 11-7a, and that usually means my Weds are shot because I don’t wake up til like 1:30 or 2 and have to be at work at 3pm.   Thursday I worked a double shift which meant another day down the … More Psalm 119:21-24

Psalm 119: 19-20

Psalm 119 19:  “I am a stranger on earth; do not hide your commands from me. ”   In the NIV, there are 37 references to the word “stranger”, The ASV has 99, and the KJV has 198 references to the word stranger.  What is a stranger, you may ask, (cause I know you’re asking)? … More Psalm 119: 19-20

AMAZING WEEKEND!!! Part 3 of Psalm 119

This weekend was the “Walk United Culpeper” conference that was sponsored by the Culpeper Ministerial association.  It was pretty awesome to be honest.   Tom Blackaby was really good, Stephen Burke…was interesting.  I didn’t really hear the other speakers, with the exception of Dave Wheatley.  Dave was PHENOMENAL.   The community worship band he led was completely awesome.   Had … More AMAZING WEEKEND!!! Part 3 of Psalm 119