Are you too busy?

I had the honor of speaking to my youth group on Sunday night.  My topic was “Are you too busy” with Psalm 90 as my Sermon Reference.  I think it went well.  Here’s the lesson, small group questions are at the bottom.


This goes hand in hand with my previous article about disappointing students.  I’ve probably posted something like this last year, but it’s always good to have this kind of information.  This is also pertinent for handling conflict in general, because life is conflict sometimes.  Don’t  get the wrong idea now, I’m not in any huge … More 10 PRINCIPLES FOR MANAGING CONFLICT IN YOUTH MINISTRY

5 Reasons to Stop Saying “Jesus was Single”

I can’t say enough “AMEN’S” for this article.   I have to be honest and said that I’ve used this argument a few times, and it’s been a very hollow argument/statement.   Not everyone is “called” to be single, yet their circumstances are that they are single.   When I hear that statement used, and … More 5 Reasons to Stop Saying “Jesus was Single”


I was preparing to continue my study on Purity on when I was waylaid by their verse of the day.   It was Isaiah 1: 16-17, which says: Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take … More ‘Murica

A New Year

I’ve been putting this off, debating if I should even do a New Years blog, but, eh, why not.   I’m personally excited about 2016 to be honest.   2015 was an interesting year.  It began in heartache and crushing disappointment due to misunderstandings with my old church, but as the year progressed and as … More A New Year