How to fire a volunteer

There’s  a lot I can say about this article having experienced this first hand.  I won’t  though, what I will say is that clear expectations are necessary, clear and consistent communication is a must, and don’t expect the volunteer to reach into their “bench” for support.   Looking back, I have to admit I was more … More How to fire a volunteer


Another voice, another choice To listen to words somebody said Another day I replay One too many doubts inside my head Am I strong Beautiful Am I good enough Do I belong After all That I’ve said and done Is it real When I feel I don’t measure up Am I loved CHORUS I’m running … More BLANCA: WHO I AM

Youth Groups Reflects Its Church (repost from

I couldn’t agree more with this article.   A youth group develops it’s own personality and attitude, and a lot of time it is a reflection of the youth director/pastor/leader.   The kids of the youth group will only go after the things that the leader prioritizes.    The leader will only prioritize (a lot … More Youth Groups Reflects Its Church (repost from

How to Be Real With GOD (Repost from

Our relationship with God is just that: Our relationship with God. Each person has to figure out what that looks like for them. Part of that is just getting real with God and being honest with HIM. We aren’t going to hurt HIS feelings, mainly because HE already knows, HE just wants us to be … More How to Be Real With GOD (Repost from