Psalms 119:33-34

So, I’m at work.  Working a double today.  Came on at 3pm Tuesday, and leaving 7 am Weds.  Not sure why I agreed to it, but there it is.  Normally, I wouldn’t work on a Tuesday afternoon because it’s dedicated to Revolution leadership meeting and small groups after, but the boss asked, and I said yes.  So there it is.  Oh well.   I’ll have weds off, so possibly I’ll go visit Heiser at UMC in the evening.   Gotta be honest (with the 1.2 people that read this) still feel like walking away.   Been looking for a full-time position since, well, ever….I’ve always been looking.  God hasn’t opened any doors.  Maybe this is it, who knows, all I know is I can’t leave yet.  God’s made it pretty clear.   It’s a little frustrating, and maybe I’m not looking in the right places for that next step.   Maybe it is a blind leap of faith with no net that is required of me.   Who knows, I’m sure God will let me know at the right time.

On to Psalms 119:33-34

33 Teach me, LORD, the way of your decrees,
   that I may follow it to the end.[b]    David is consistently asking God to teach him, it’s so important for him to know God’s word.  The end statement of this verse is intriguing.  “That I may follow it to the end”.   To the end of his Life?  To what end is he following it to?   The end-note says “follow it to its own reward”   So learning the decrees of God would be its own reward.  It makes sense.     David’s simple, most basic desire is to follow God.   Is that something I can honestly say?  Isn’t that what should be the desire of every Christian, but more importantly, shouldn’t it be a personal desire?   It is a desire, do I follow-up on it and cry out for it like David does, well, not so much to be completely honest.
34 Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law
   and obey it with all my heart.    Understanding comes from God.  It is with the understanding that God gives me/us that gives us the ability to keep the law.  Now, as a Christian, I’m not bound by the Law, I have grace, but I have the Bible, the scriptures, however you want to term it, I have the written word of God.   It is the Holy Spirit that gives me the understanding of the word of God, and it speaks to me of what I should do and how I should live as a Christian.   Obedience.  That is the key word….probably the key theme of the Bible.  Christ Obeyed God in going to the Cross.   Adam disobeyed by eating the apple.   The Bible is an object lesson in obedience.   David’s statement at the end of this verse is our standard.  To obey with all my heart.  That’s a tough statement to make.  I obey, but a lot of times its grudgingly.   It’s a obedience out of resignation because I know I should, or I feel guilty if I don’t, but David is saying he wants to obey with all of his heart, unquestioningly and unequivocally.   How do you get there?   The place where you say I want to obey with all my heart, and then actually do it?   I’m not sure David ever got to that place, but it was his hearts cry.   Is it mine?

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