Psalm 119:21-24

Time kind of got away from me…..well, I got lazy, let’s be honest.   Tuesday, I worked 11-7a, and that usually means my Weds are shot because I don’t wake up til like 1:30 or 2 and have to be at work at 3pm.   Thursday I worked a double shift which meant another day down the tube, and Friday I woke up at 12 or so, but didn’t really get moving til around 3:30 when I left to get something to eat before View Song Cafe.  Ran into Adam Shellenberger while at Chic-Fil-A, had a great conversation with him about different opportunities.   View Song Cafe was amazing!!!  The Revolution Leadership team has taken on View Song Cafe to raise up worship leaders within the body, both in Revolution and MVCC, and we had an amazing turnout.  26 people showed up, and that’s including me Chris Z, Derek P, and Deb.   Val, Victoria, and Cody led it and they did an amazing job.   So pumped about the future of this program.   It was exciting to see.   To be honest, I really didn’t think we’d have that big of a turnout, but God worked it.   The corporate worship part was awesome, so completely blessed by it.

So, let’s finish up Psalms 119.  Not sure how this is gonna turn out.  I’m doing this at work, and thankfully it’s not……well, not going to use the words, because I don’t want to “jinx” myself, lol.

21 “You rebuke the arrogant, who are accursed,
   those who stray from your commands. ”    So much of the Bible speaks out about the arrogant.   The emphasis God places on his people to be humble is enormous.    Arrogance has no place in a Christians life.  There is a difference between confidence and arrogance.  Confidence says, “I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me”  Arrogance says, “I can do anything because I’m that good”   Confidence is able to admit and accept failure and learn.  Arrogance doesn’t accept it failure and blames others.     God rebukes the arrogant and those that wander from the word.  You can’t be any more plain then that.   God is pleased with obedience, like any parent would be.   Like any parent, He punishes and corrects us when we stray from His side.

  22Remove from me their scorn and contempt,
   for I keep your statutes”    David’s prayer, his request is that God will either help him ignore his detractors criticism, and he’s also saying, “Lord don’t blame me or lump me in with those that disobey, because I’m trying, I’m keeping your statutes”.    That’s all we really need to do.  To try, to run the best we can.  It shouldn’t be a competition with other Christians as to who’s more Spiritual, or whose interpretation of the Bible is more accurate, it should be more about am I living according to God’s statutes and am I serving HIM to the best of my abilities.

23Though rulers sit together and slander me,
   your servant will meditate on your decrees.”     David has a bit of experience when it comes to people slandering him.    So he knows what he he’s talking about when he talks about people slandering him.   His focus will be to meditate on the word.   That’s a brilliant example to follow.  I need to learn that example when it comes to criticism.   To meditate and ignore criticism.   When following Christ, we will encounter opposition to the vision God has given us, when this happens it’s important to go to the word and encounter Jesus and renew the vision implanted in us and ignore the criticism or opposition.

 24Your statutes are my delight;
   they are my counselors”    Can I say that?   David’s statement is very challenging to be honest.  Can I say that I delight in God’s word, that it is my counselor?   I can say I receive counsel from it.   I do enjoy reading the Bible, but to delight in it.   To claim it as a counselor?    I’m not sure I’m there yet.   The dictionary definition is: 


1. a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; joy; rapture: She takes great delight in her job.
2. something that gives great pleasure: The dance was a delight to see.
verb (used with object)
3. to give great pleasure, satisfaction, or enjoyment to; please highly: The show delighted everyone.

verb (used without object) have great pleasure; take pleasure (followed by in  or an infinitive): She delights in going for long walks in the country.
Can I say that about the Bible?   Yes….but.   Don’t you hate to put a qualifier after that statement?  Mine is Yes I find enjoyment, but I don’t….”indulge” my enjoyment like I should.   I don’t pursue that enjoyment like I would something else.    It’s something I need to work on.

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