New challange

So, I’m at work, but I’d thought I’d do a quick post.   I’m attempting a new challenge, it may not seem like a challenge, but for me it might be.   I’m going on a cheese fast.  Not the actual cheese as in the dairy product, but the cheese as in my humor, comments, etc.   I was laying in bed the other and had been thinking about the media fast that the youth group had been on the previous month, when God sort of pointed out that I hadn’t done anything like that.   Then the idea of fasting from cheesiness popped into my head.   I sort of treated it as a joke, but then after I thought about it, it made sense.     I’ve embraced my cheesiness to the point it’s almost my identity, it’s who I am.  I am a cheesy guy, and I get a kick out it.   But is that really who I am?  Or more to the point, is that what my identity should be?  There’s nothing wrong with being cheesy (despite what the Cordy girls would say…well, half the youth group…..and, well, the majority of my peer group, lol), the question has become what do I find my identity in.  I’ve always said my identity is in Christ, but am I holding onto an identity of my own over that of my identity in Christ.   Ashleigh made a good point in a text in response to one of mine today.  She asked if it was a stronghold.  The text I sent her wasn’t a serious question, so at first I thought she took it too seriously.   As I thought about it, it made sense.   Is my cheesy identity something that I’m holding onto over my identity with Christ?   I guess that’s something I’ll be finding out.   I’ll post on Psalms 119:24-31 when I get home.

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