Psalms 119: 35-37

35 Help me stay on the path of Your commands for I take pleasure in it.   Staying on the path of the Lord’s commands.   Davids prayer is for God to help him stay there, to travel, to direct his path.   It’s interesting, because he ends the verse by saying he takes pleasure in it.  He takes pleasure in the direction.  Not so much the destination of the direction, but the direction of being taught.   In the first reading of this verse I thought it was the commands he was taking pleasure in, but I’m seeing it also as he’s taking pleasure in receiving the direction from God.    I think it’s both the commands of God and the leading of God, which in essence is the Word of God and the direction that God gives to us when we/I spend time in His word.   The NIV translates verse 35 ths way: “Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.”   Direct, Help, both are active words that imply the same thing.   It implies receiving something from someone else, not walking alone or being shown how.   David is asking God to show him, help him, to stay on the path because it’s on God’s path that he finds delight.   Honestly, when it comes down to it, is there happiness and fulfillment anywhere else?   I’ve glimpsed some of the paths that the world says leads to happiness….and they don’t end up there.    Most of those paths lead to bondage wrapped up in pretty colors and chains, but it’s still bondage.  

36 Turn my heart to Your decrees  and not to material gain.   You can’t get any more straight forward with this statement.    It’s not about the stuff for David.   He had mounds of stuff as a king, he had cities of stuff, but his hearts cry is not for the stuff, but for God’s decrees.    He’s overwhelmed by the stuff, and asking God to turn his heart away from it, and make it burn for God’s word.   Speaking from a 21’st century mind and hearing and seeing this written from someone  BC, well, something’s don’t really change I guess.   We as humans tend to get wrapped up in stuff, in having stuff, in approriating stuff, that we tend to get overwhelmed by it.   We…..I don’t get overwhelmed with God’s decrees.   I say it’s my desire, but I don’t actually say “turn my heart to You’re word God” unless I hear a heart ripping message that convicts and then I’m tearfully on face asking forgiveness.    It has to be a daily cry, a daily request for focus on His words.

37.  Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word  David continues with his request for God to refocus him.  NASB and ESV translate “worthless” as vain things and/or vanity.   In the greek and Hebrew it is a sense of desolation, evil (NOTE:  For a good study tool go to MystudyBible it gives greek and Hebrw definitions and word studies….great tool).   He repeats that his life is preserved according to God’s word.   How many worthless things do I look at daily?   TV is the biggest worthless thing, and yet I spend more time with it, then the creator of the creator of the worthless thing.   There are good things on tv (sports….some tv isn’t bad), and it can be great tool if utilized correctly, but if I’m allowing it, or anything to distact me from God and living according to His word, then it is worthless….maybe even Evil?   That’s a tough thing to say.  

I’ll finish up tomorrow. 

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