AMAZING WEEKEND!!! Part 3 of Psalm 119

This weekend was the “Walk United Culpeper” conference that was sponsored by the Culpeper Ministerial association.  It was pretty awesome to be honest.   Tom Blackaby was really good, Stephen Burke…was interesting.  I didn’t really hear the other speakers, with the exception of Dave Wheatley.  Dave was PHENOMENAL.   The community worship band he led was completely awesome.   Had a nice chat with him about some ministry opportunities on Saturday.  I have to follow-up on that.   I was a little…I don’t know, uneasy, maybe a bit ambivalent about participating in the event.   Coming off vacation, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to throw myself into an event, well, God had other plans.   It turns out I ended up having Friday off so I was able to help with setup and sound production.   God’s sense of humor here, I had planned on a nice relaxing Friday, yeah…..didn’t happen.  Helped with set up and running sound.  Saturday was hilarious though.   I ended up running around (literally) on stage in my socks switching mikes, setting up stuff, and had quite a few people tell me that I cracked them up.   Then had to tear down a few items and take them back to the warehouse for church on Sunday, that was tiring.

Sunday, well, what can I say about Sunday.   It was interesting, amazing, strange.    When we brought the video cart and the cd recorder over from the high school, we forgot the cords for the projector and the recorder.  DOH.  Then during the first service, a gentlemen ended up having to be taken to the hospital because of an allergic reaction to a bee sting he got when he walked in to church.    Yeah, I need to start running with CO 11 again, I was a bit anxious at first and I couldn’t remember what half the stuff I needed to do.   After church was busy, lunch, resetting the stuff we took to the warehouse for the conference and then I was back at the warehouse for Revolution.   I do believe Revolution is a phenomenal group of people.   It seemed a bit scattered and distracted at first.   Now, when I say at first, I mean at 1pm when they show up for intercession.   Now to be completely honest.  I was running around also trying to reset, but when I got back, even they sat down and said the same thing.    Practice, was practice, they did a good job, it was exciting to see new people on new instruments, onstage for the first time.   Ashleigh played keyboards, that in itself is incredible.   Hannah Zobel played bass.   I didn’t have any idea she played bass.    Eric spoke on Rev 4.   I have a bit of anxiety sometimes when he speaks because he’s more on the charismatic end of the spectrum than I am, but he spoke on what the throne of God would look like and it was awesome.   I think he spoke over half the kids heads, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, most of the high schoolers got it.  The best part was the painting.  He rolled out a big sheet of paper and had them paint what they thought the Throne room would look like and we have some phenomenal painters.   The most amazing part was Darian’s friend Nonalie.   It turns out she found out she has cancer, well, before we kicked things into gear, Eric had a couple of people take her aside and pray for her.  Then During Worship, the set included songs that were meant for her, the incredible thing is, none of us new about her condition beforehand.  Love how God works.

Psalms 119: 17- (NIV)

17:  “Do good to your servant, and I will live; I will obey your word.”                                                                                 For some reason, this verse seems conditional to me.   It seems like David is saying, “God if you do good things for me, I will live and obey your word”    The Common English version says it like this: “Be good to your servant so I can go on living and keeping your word. ”    This makes more sense to me for some reason.  It is only through God’s goodness that we have life, and if we have life, then we ned to obey and keep His word.

18.  “Open my eyes so that I may see wonderful things in your law.”                                                                                   Man, shouldn’t that be every Christians prayer?   God open my eyes so that I may see the wonderful things that are in YOUR WORD!!  I keep getting amazed at some of the things I get when I open God’s word.   I have been on this journey for a while and I have tons (that’s a bit of an exaggeration) of Bibles with notes and highlights and makings, but every time I open it, god reveals stuff to me.  Things I hadn’t considered, promises I didn’t notice.   I love how God does that.

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