Psalms 119:24-32

This portion for some reason has been a challenge for me to understand.  Let’s see what happens.

25″ I am laid low in the dust;
   preserve my life according to your word. ”   This verse, to me, speaks to utter depression.   David is saying he is nothing but dust, he’s bottomed out.   I had to pull out the Liberty Bible Commentary to confirm this.   The LBC puts it in this way: “When in a state of depression, the psalmist recognized that his soul had adhered to the dust as if he were already dead and buried. ”   One of the things I love about the psalms is its structure.  The first half of a sentence/verse/paragraph is a statement depicting utter devastation, and the second half is a statement of hope.  This is evident here in this verse.  The first portion, David (my assumption) is stating he’s bottomed out, he might as well be dead, he’s like the dust; the second half he’s proclaiming hope.   He’s saying, preserve me God, according to your word”.    To be honest, I’m a little torn as to the translation of the second half.   He’s either saying, “God you promised in your word to help me, and I’m holding you to it”, or some translations infer the meaning that God’s word, gives him hope by meditating on it and studying it.   Either way, his hope comes from God.   He’s going to trust that God will help him because he’s spent time meditating on God’s words and they have given him hope.  
26 “I recounted my ways and you answered me;
   teach me your decrees.”  The Psalmist ( I love how commentaries refer to him), to me is implying a constant dialogue with God.  He’s stating that he’s talked with God, and He’s answered him.   The Psalmist’s simple request is, “Teach me”.   THAT IS MY GOAL.   My desire is to have a constant Dialogue with God and my request is simply teach me.  
27 “Let me understand the teaching of your precepts;
   then I will meditate on your wonders.”   Again, he’s asking God for understanding on His words and teachings, and once he has the understanding, the Psalmist will meditate not only on the words, but the wonders of creation.  To me it’s implying that mediation not only should be done in your “prayer closet”, but it should also be done in the light of the open air.   Do it on your deck, by a stream, in the woods, find a quiet spot with you and God and just mediate on His words and wonder at the beauty of His creation.   That’s something I need to work on.   Getting out and meditating someplace other than the living room.   I need to work on that.

Well, Off to wash clothes.

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