TFK: Incomplete

    No one knows the walls that we’ve climbed, the knots we’ve untied, the shots that we’ve fired. I have a lot of “friends” who want what we’ve made but don’t know the pain, the beasts that we’ve slain. There’s a lot of sharks that swim in these waters, they came for your sons, … More TFK: Incomplete

A New Year

I’ve been putting this off, debating if I should even do a New Years blog, but, eh, why not.   I’m personally excited about 2016 to be honest.   2015 was an interesting year.  It began in heartache and crushing disappointment due to misunderstandings with my old church, but as the year progressed and as … More A New Year

“Just a Moment”

Every once in awhile, I go back and reread on of the chapters of a book that changed my GOD view.  It was Max Lucado’s book GOD Came Near.   I say it changed my GOD view because, prior to reading it, my view of GOD was that of someone far off, out of touch, unable … More “Just a Moment”