Students Need Adults

This is a great article from   I’ll be honest and say that, like the authors, when I was younger and still “growing up” in youth ministry, I thought being a youth worker meant you had to be popular, attractive, charismatic, all kinds of ability, and young, and that by the age of 40, … More Students Need Adults


This goes hand in hand with my previous article about disappointing students.  I’ve probably posted something like this last year, but it’s always good to have this kind of information.  This is also pertinent for handling conflict in general, because life is conflict sometimes.  Don’t  get the wrong idea now, I’m not in any huge … More 10 PRINCIPLES FOR MANAGING CONFLICT IN YOUTH MINISTRY

Beyond Pat Answers (repost from

I’m a big believer in not giving teenagers “pat answers” or “tired cliches”.   Teenagers, like anyone else, want their leaders to be first and foremost want honesty, and if we don’t have an answer be honest and say we don’t know.   The below article is pretty good and is good advice for any … More Beyond Pat Answers (repost from