Happy NEW YEAR!!

So, it’s a new year.  2017.   For me, 2016 wasn’t that bad to be honest.  I see people on twitter and Facebook, and even Instagram saying 2016 was a bad year for them.  It’s all about perspective.  If you focus on the negative, then it was negative.   There were some moments in 2016 that really sucked for me, but I got over it and past it and life moved forward.  That’s part of being an adult, part of growing up.  Learning how to move past “the suck” and finding the blessing that comes out of it.   2016 brought me back to my church that I left because my feelings got hurt, back to a youth group that I cherish, and back to old friends that continue to pour into my life and bless me.  2017  brings a promise of refreshing new things.   The Old “Suck” is still lurking out there, ready to pounce and steal my focus, but, again, it’s about perspective and focus.  If I perceive the “suck” as some uncontrollable monster and focus on the negative it brings, then this year is going to “Suck”.

I tend to listen to mostly Christian radio, (even though the Christian radio for my region is geared mainly to soccer moms and they play the same song list like every 4-6 hours it seem) and one of the things they’ve mentioned is that we find a defining word/phrase for the New Year.  I’ve thought about this quite a bit over the past week.   Two words keep popping into my head when I consider it, and those two words are “Ministry” and “Serve”. ( Well, a third one isn’t too far behind, and that is weight loss, which I need to do also).  I turn 50 this year, and I’m not married, no kids and to be honest that wasn’t planned.  Growing up, my plan was to be at least working on one grand kid by 50 and to have at least been a youth pastor for a good number of years.   Well, either God had different plans or well, who knows, the point is I have a life that is vastly different then what I had planned, and that’s ok.  In fact, the life I have now allows me the flexibility to serve and do ministry unhindered, and that’s what I plan to do this year.   To focus on where GOD has led me back to and search out the ministry opportunities that I’ve been ignoring because I had previously been focused more on “the suck”, then life and people around me.   So, 2016, you were a great learning experience, and 2017:  Hello, nice to meet you and let’s do Life.

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