Words To Speak Often To Teens

This is a simple article, but with a lot of depth, at least to me.   It took me awhile to figure out that there were things more important than programs, events, preaching, etc in youth ministry.   Words have meaning and weight.   Teens often go through a day hearing quite the opposite.  They need adults that will be intentional in their life and unwavering in their support.    If you have a teen in your life, or are part of a youth ministry, be intentional and supportive with what you say.  Make a difference in their lives.

Words To Speak Often To Teens

Words to Speak Often to TeensSometimes it is the simple things you say that really make the biggest difference in someone’s life.  This is certainly the case with Youth Ministry.

Being intentional with what you say to your Youth is vitally important.  Best of all, it isn’t that complicated either.  These words are simple, but powerful.  Here are five things you should speak to teens often:

I’m proud of you

If we are honest, don’t we all want to hear this?  I have literally seen this simple phrase, spoken at the right time, change a student’s life.  The teens that you serve want to make you proud…whether it seems like it or not.  Being mindful to tell them this often will make a huge difference.

Thank you

Listen, in ministry it is no secret that people rarely say thank you.  That does not, and should not, mean that we fail to do it either.

Saying something as simple as, “Thank You” lets students know you not only appreciate them, but you notice them.  In the world we live in today, being noticed is often harder than one might think.

You are loved

We have this on the wall in our Student Center right as you walk in.  “Here You’re Loved.”  Teens desperately need to hear this.  More than hearing, they need to see and feel it as well.

I prayed for you

Everyone needs to know that someone is praying for them.  I often text these simple words to students, leaders, and parents as they come to mind throughout the day (as I pray for them of course…don’t lie).  It is rare that I do not get a response back.

Be intentional to pray for your students.  Let them know you’re praying for them.

It’s okay not to be okay

Teens need to know they don’t have to have it altogether.  It is okay not to be okay.  They just can’t stay that way.

Letting them know its okay to have struggles, fears, doubts, and questions allows for honest and safe community.  Make sure you students know they don’t have to always be okay.

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