10 Characteristics of Magnetic Team Leaders

Leaders build other leaders, they don’t just talk about it.    The mark of any good leader is how many other leaders are following him.   I personally don’t want to follow anybody that can’t explain their vision let alone get me excited enough to buy into their vision.  Once I buy into the vision, I want to know that the leader actually cares that I’m part of the team.  The same goes if I’m leading, I have to be able to explain my vision in a way that makes people excited to be a part of my team, and then I have to care about them each individually   These are 10 good qualities of leadership, enjoy the article.

10 Characteristics of Magnetic Team Leaders

by Rick Howerton

Oftentimes, when we think of a church leader we think of the ultimate human leader leading the church, the senior pastor. Below the senior pastor on the flow chart are multiple team leaders. These individuals are most often staff members but, in many settings they are non-staff members, church members with the leadership gift who lead teams of their own. Because these individuals are without the senior pastor title, in order to be effective, they must be more than good–they must be magnetic.

Below you’ll find 10 characteristics of a great team leader, a leader whose leadership style is a magnet for followers. Magnetic team leaders…

  1. Have been called to a vision/responsibility only God can accomplish.
  2. Communicate the vision God has given them so passionately and effectively the unimaginable becomes a visible reality in the listener’s mind’s eye.
  3. Gathers followers to aid them in accomplishing the vision by personally inviting those potential followers to join the team.
  4. Spends recreational time with the team members and during those recreational experiences disciplines herself/himself and doesn’t discuss the work the team is involved in.
  5. Seriously considers the team members ideas and proves it by taking those ideas to the rest of the team for discussion.
  6. Are available to team members 24/7.
  7. Get to know the family members of each team member, sincerely care about each of them, and proves it by asking about the things each of them are involved in (ball games, plays, etc…).
  8. Understand team members have busy schedules and call meetings only as often as is necessary.
  9. When in conversation continually makes eye contact with the team member they’re speaking with and acknowledges he/she is listening by responding appropriately to statements made.
  10. Prays daily for each team member without ever telling team members of the time spent praying for them.

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