The Road Back: The Epilogue to Road and Cave Moments.

Back in Sept, I wrote “Road and Cave Moments” about Elijah’s flight from Jezebel and how God used his moment of weakness to teach him a lesson.  God didn’t pound him with guilt or punish him, but he gave him enough rope to tire himself out, and when the time was right….GOD showed up.   He gave Elijah a mission and re-tasked and encouraged him by showing that he wasn’t alone.   I Kings 19 finishes by describing how Elijah found Elisha at Abel Meholah and anointed him as his successor and then went on to Damascus to anoint Hazael King over Aram.    I’m posting a map of Elijah’s journey from Mt Carmel to Mt Horeb to give a

bit of context to this.   Elijah’s journey from Mt. Carmel to Mt Horeb was roughly about 400-600 miles and took about two months, but I Kings only records the events of the journey down, but there was a journey back as well.   There’s no recorded dialog between GOD and Elijah for this time period, but it was roughly 2 months for Elijah to get from Mt Horeb to Abel Maholah (unless GOD miraculously deposited him at Abel Maholah right in front of Elisha  which is completely and totally possible, but since I Kings 19:19 states “So Elijah went from there and found Elisha son of Shaphat” I think it’s a good bet Elijah walked).    What goes on in a mans head that just had an encounter with GOD like Elijah had?   Can you imagine the competing thoughts and emotions going on in his head.   Elijah doesn’t record any of what went on during the journey back, and the reason probably was because nothing happened.   It was a time of just walking and thinking and talking and planning with GOD.   You see, we often take for granted the walk back from a major encounter with GOD.   Whether it be a huge GOD moment, or a moment in which, like Elijah, we ran into the wilderness and then GOD took us to the cave for a teaching moment; but there’s always the walk back to the point GOD directs us to.   Elijah’s ministry was taking a new direction.  He was still supposed to confront Israel with her sin, but he wasn’t doing it alone anymore.   He was responsible for bringing up his successor now.  The walk back for us (me) after a GOD encounter is similar, yet different.   The walk for an individual after their encounter with GOD is often one of reflection, prayer, plan making, and possibly even confirmation.   Everyone’s “walk back” is different.  It could just be a matter of picking up the telephone or sending out an email, and for others it could be more of a process that could take some time as they re-evaluate what it is GOD is leading them towards.  Regardless of the process, the principle is the same.  As we “Walk back” from the encounter we are to be in prayer and preparation for the new process or adventure that GOD is leading you to.  Stay on the road in the direction HE’s pointed you and “Go Back” to what it is that is the mission/calling/opportunity that HE is leading you to.   Now, if you’re at the point in your ministry life where you’re just not sure of the direction or maybe you’re sure of the direction but you’re not sure of calling or ministry even, then hold on.   GOD’s got that figured out and HE’s going to lead you to the place/position/people who HE wants you to minister to.   That’s something that’s been on my heart and mind the past couple days.  I hope it makes sense to someone out there.   I’d welcome any and all feed back.

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