Moving forward and Conversations with Peter

This is the last time I’ll address what was on this blog, but I wanted to give a quick update.  I’m moving forward from what was.  What does that look like?  Well, it does look like changing churches, without somehow closing the door on the relationships in the old one.  I’m not sure how that works, because usually when a person changes church’s the relationships with those in the old church somehow become severed, but we’ll see how GOD works that out.   I haven’t had any “final” conversations” with anyone, except the youth pastor I worked with, and hopefully our friendship will continue as before.  I still pray for restoration, both in position and in certain relationships, but I know I also need to follow the direction that Christ has set for me.  I’m open to however the LORD leads, but most of all I want to first follow CHRIST and focus on what HE wants to teach me. So, for now, I’ll be stepping away from Youth Ministry for awhile….at least I think I am, again, we’ll see what God has.   I’m not shutting the door to working with youth in the future, because, let’s be honest, that is my call and my heart, but for now….well, for now it’s time to focus on something else.   I went to Calvary Chapel in Warrenton today and it was a great experience.   Some old friends attend that church, one of which I had lunch with on Saturday and he challenged me about my motives and excuses I had been using about holding onto what was.   I realized he was right and instead of waiting to move forward, I decided it was best if today was the day to move forward.   The message at CC Warrenton was exactly what I needed to hear today.   Ironically, it was about John 13:1-17 and Christ’s conversation with Peter about washing his feet.  It was about humility, service, and cleansing.   The content and message were exactly what I needed to hear.   I had visited a couple of times before I started working with my former church’s youth group so I had established a relationship with the pastor and we talked about my situation afterwards and he encouraged me and gave me some words of wisdom.   After church I was able to go to lunch with some old friends and received even more encouragement and wisdom, so all in all, it was a good day.      Which brings me to the Conversations with Peter.   I’ve been wondering what topic I’m going to deal with next for this blog.   I’ve done a chapter study of Psalms 119 and a  study on the Book of Nehemiah, which takes care of both a character and a book study.  I’ve been wondering what to do next.   Today’s message on John 13 gave me an idea since it was a conversation Christ had with Peter, and my last blog was on Christ’s last conversation with Peter.   It seems like a lot of Christ’s teaching stems from some type of conversation he’s had with Peter, so, with that being said, the topic I’ll be writing on next will be called “Conversations with Peter”.   I’m looking forward to what God teaches me with this study and can’t wait to share it with the 3 people who actually read my blog(LOL).   I should have the first one out on Wednesday, so stay tuned.

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