Psalms 119:153-160

Time to get back to Psalms 119.  I’m almost finished this journey, it’s taken me too long to finish it.  I started almost 3  years ago, and then took two years off for some reason.   Not a very good track record when it comes to blogging….not to mention that it also reflects on my spiritual discipline a little bit.   With that being said, I move forward, and strive to do the best I can spiritually.   Like Paul says, “I press on to the high calling of Christ…”.   Life is a serious of battles some big, some small, some you win and some, well, end up feeling like crushing defeats, but once you gain perspective, you realize the defeats can be learning experiences.  The key is to actually learn from the experiences and so that the next time comes around you actually win the battle.   That’s what I like about King David, he is a great example of this.   He didn’t always do it right, but he acknowledges that he gets it wrong and his repentance is  sincere, and his desire for intimacy with God is constant.   Let’s see what this section has in store.


153 Look on my suffering and deliver me,
    for I have not forgotten your law.

David is asking for deliverance.   David is in crises, and calling out to GOD for deliverance.   It’s a model that we all need to follow.   In crises, small or huge, call out to GOD immediately.   He reminds GOD, that even in crises, he hasn’t forgotten HIS laws.  Now, with that being said, if it’s a crises of his own making from some sin, than I think he’s saying “I screwed up, but I realize it”.  If life has just slammed into him, then I believe he’s saying, “GOD, I’m hurting, help.”   Either way it’s a plea, a cry out to GOD for deliverance.

154 Defend my cause and redeem me;
    preserve my life according to your promise.

David spends a good amount of time claiming the promise of GOD that HE will preserve HIS child, David.    David claims GOD as his defense and his life preserver.   This is something else to model after David, that GOD is my defense and my preserver because HE has often promised it.  Does GOD forget about HIS promises?  NOPE!!  We forget about God’s promises which is the reason we get into trouble in the first place.   It’s not so much about reminding GOD about the promise, as much as it is reminding myself that the promise is there.
155 Salvation is far from the wicked,
    for they do not seek out your decrees.

Salvation is available to all that ask, however, David points out that it is far from the wicked.  Is this a contradiction?  Nope, a simple point of fact.  With the wicked, they are often too proud or stubborn to admit their wrongs and that they are sinners, so therefore, salvation is far from them.   Because they don’t seek after GOD, they won’t have salvation.  Because of their stiff necked rejection of GOD, salvation is far from them.
156 Your compassion, Lord, is great;
    preserve my life according to your laws.

David realizes and acknowledges God’s compassion and he has seen it, often, in his own life.   In his obedience to the Law of God, he’s seen the promise that it gives that if obedient, then God will watch over and preserve the Life of that person.   David is acknowledging, confessing, and requesting all at the same time.   His confession is that he needs saving, he can’t do it alone.   He’s also pointing out to God that HE made a promise in HIS law.   I guess that’s human nature.   We approach GOD and say “LOOK GOD, you said in your word……”  I’m pretty sure GOD doesn’t need to be reminded about HIS promises, and it’s no reflection on David that he says this, this is something I do, well, everyone does this.   GOD’s promises are true and HE doesn’t forget.  We do.

157 Many are the foes who persecute me,
    but I have not turned from your statutes.

David’s statement rings true for so many today.   There are quite a few foes that are out there standing against us.   They’re not all active, and many are the subtle attacks of Satan, the key is the last half of the this verse.   “BUT I HAVE NOT TURNED FROM YOUR STATUTES”.   With the constant attack from media, modern culture, and even political leaders, can I say, like David, that I have not turned from God’s statutes?  Honestly, for the most part, yes.   It’s ingrained in my character and identity that I am a Christian man.   Am I always an obedient and shining example of that…..Gotta say no.  There are some days I feel like a colossal failure as a Christian man, but David’s example is my ideal; to be sincere in my repentance and almost extreme in desire for intimacy with God.

158 I look on the faithless with loathing,
    for they do not obey your word.

Well now, this is a pretty extreme statement from David.   I’m not sure modern Christians would say this is an example of Christ Love.   Regardless, Davids personal opinion is that he can’t stand those that don’t believe.   After reading a couple different interpretations (KJV, NKJV, YLT, ASV, This is NIV, The Message), the word “Loathing” in NIV is “grieved” in the traditional versions (KJV, NKJV, YLT), The Message uses the word “Disgust”.   In any of the translations, it’s a strong statement of disgust towards those who don’t believe.   Personally, I look at this verse and think it’s not so much for the average person who just doesn’t acknowledge God, but I think it’s for those who are active against the very idea of God.   Those who stand and shout “THERE IS NO GOD, SO WHAT  NOW!!”   That live like there are no rules are inhibitions.   I think those are the ones David is disgusted with.    To be honest, people like that disgust me as well.   Is it being judgmental?  Well, probably, but is that wrong?   We’re supposed to adhere to a standard and that is Christ.  Those that actively trash our standards do they deserve respect?

159 See how I love your precepts;
    preserve my life, Lord, in accordance with your love.

David seeks to justify and even prove his worth to God.   He loves God’s word, and strives to live according to it, he’s practically begging God to not give up on him and once again he’s reminding God of HIS promise.  I do this.  I think we all do this.  When we screw up we say “SEE GOD, I screwed up, but, man, I love YOU, I love YOUR WORD, now, YOU promised to forgive if I repent”.   Again, God needs no reminder, but it makes us feel better to remind GOD.  I can’t comment on the “rightness” or “wrongness” of this, because, like I said, I do it.  Again…God doesn’t need to be reminded.

160 All your words are true;
    all your righteous laws are eternal.

Davids closure of this section is another great statement of affirmation of belief.   ALL of God’s words are true and eternal.    I can’t expound any better than David did, so I’ll leave it exactly as David said it.


So, that ends this section.   There are two more sections until I come to the end of this journey with David.   I may have to start over, maybe this time not do it online, but personally.   I’ll still use this blog for other stuff, but maybe go through PSALMS 119 again only be more consistent and not take a two year break.

(NOTE:  It’s 5:44 pm and I was looking back at my post and noticed I completely overlooked the first three verses somehow.  So I figured I’d edit it and update)

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