Something Different. I Samuel 19

So I lead a small group in with my Youth Group.  It’s just a group of 5 or 6 guys and we’re going through the life of David right now.   We’re not using any special curriculum or book, just reading straight out of the Bible.  I believe it’s important that we use the Word of God first over other authors when it comes to doing Bible study.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against doing book studies or outside curriculum, but let’s be honest, our faith is built around the BIBLE, we need to first teach from the BIBLE and not rely on what some other author is saying about the character/trait/topic that we’re teaching on.   With that in mind, most of my teaching is discussion and asking questions that I think will lead this group of young guys to actually think.   David is a fascinating character.   He is described as a “Man after God’s own heart”, but he was so very fallible and had a tendency to royally screw things up.   This gives me hope, because I have these same tendency’s as David.   I’m not sure if my legacy will be one of Davids, where people say I’m a man after God’s heart, but I do know that I royally screw things up and that I often take God for granted, much like David did.   If you study David, you see a man of contrasts; a man of deep faith, yet very fallible.   He’s man who does love God wholeheartedly, but gets easily distracted.   Yet when he comes to the realization that he’s screwed up, his repentance is real, it’s repentance of the heart.   We see a man who loves family, but doesn’t know how to discipline or set boundaries.   It’s a case of extremes it seems.   That’s why I love studying David’s life.   Well, here are the questions I’m using tonight in my small group.   I’d be interested in what you think about David and this chapter.

1.  In Vs. 1-5 What traits do you think Jonathan is exhibiting?

2.  In Vs. Why do you think Saul rescinded his death threat against David?3.  Vs 6 shows some interesting characteristic of Saul’s personality.   What do you think these characteristics are?

4. Vs 8.   War breaks out, what does David do?   What do you think he should have done?  What trait is David showing?

5.  We see another characteristic of Saul that has become prevalent in Saul, what do you think that characteristic is?  (NOTE:  MULTIPLE ANSWERS CAN BE SEEN)

6.  11-17.  David on the run.   What do you find interesting in the conversation between Michal and Saul in vs. 17?   Compare it to what 11-13?   Why do you think she said that to Saul?

7.  Who did David go to first, and why do you think he went there?

8.   What happened when Saul sent men after David?   Why do you think this happened?

9.   What happened when Saul went?

10.   What do you think is the take away from this chapter?


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