Psalms 119:126-128

126 It is time for you to act, LORD;
   your law is being broken.   There is a sense of urgency in David’s plea.  He’s see’s GOD’s laws being broken and he is impatient for GOD to rectify the situation.   He wants retribution/judgement/punishment to happen immediately.   How dare they break GOD’s laws!!!    Many of us feel this way when we say sin/injustice happen around us, we want GOD to take care of it now, but what happens?   It seems like the injustice continues unabated and the innocent are hurt even more.  What we don’t see is GOD working in the background.   GOD is continually at work and sin and injustice never prosper.    Well, they do for a season, but what happens, eventually is that GOD has a time and an appropriate moment planned for the individuals that are perpetrating the injustice.   When that time comes, they’ll be saying: “GOD help me.”

127 Because I love your commands
   more than gold, more than pure gold,
128 and because I consider all your precepts right,
   I hate every wrong path.    David ends this section with his commitment and his passion.   His passion is for GOD’s word, he values it above Gold.   In fact, it’s value is inestimable in his view.   Because of his passion for GOD’s word, he considers everything written in it as right, therefore, he knows what the wrong path is like; and he hates it….with a passion.    Can I say that?   Do I value GOD’s word above Gold?    Do I hate every wrong path?    I have to admit, I value GOD’s word, but more than gold?   Do I hate every wrong path?   I’ve taken some wrong paths before, didn’t travel too far down them, but I’ve taken them.   I know I need to quit being distracted, but it happens.     That is a goal of mine, to value GOD’s word above everything and to literally hate what is not of GOD.   It’s a journey.

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