Psalms 119:124-125

124 Deal with your servant according to your love
   and teach me your decrees.   David ‘s request  to GOD is to deal with him in His loving manner.  In the previous three verses, David’s request was for God to rescue him from his oppressors.  In this verse his request is for God to teach him and to deal with him in a loving way.  Let’s be honest, isn’t that our constant prayer?  Shouldn’t we continually ask for God’s favor and that HE will teach us from HIS word?   I know personally, that has been my prayer quite often.

125 I am your servant; give me discernment
   that I may understand your statutes.   A prayer for discernment to know God’s word and acknowledgement of being GOD’s servant.  Again, let’s be honest.  How many of us actually pray that prayer and acknowledge that we are HIS servants?   Do we just sit down and read the Bible and then pray whatever request that we need for the day?   Praying for discernment should be the first thing we do before sitting down to read God’s word, by not doing that, we are simply taking God for granted.   We assume that we, in our knowledge can understand what God is saying.  That may be, but, imagine, if we actually ask for Godly discernment when reading the BIBLE, just how much more would we gather from it.

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