Psalms 119:121-123

It’s been an interesting month so far.   I’m halfway through with my ministry break, sort of have the answers I’m seeking, but not really.  I’m not too worried about it, God will lead and HE’ll answer in a way that is timely and right.   I’ve had opportunities to do ministries with different youth groups in town, but I feel it would be disingenuous (I like that word for some reason, makes me sound smart :p), (for those that dont’ know what that means: lacking in frankness, candor, hypocritical).   So, I’ve sort of passed on the opportunities.  Last week was a bit crazy for me.  I had 20 hours of overtime last week.  That’s two double shifts and an additional 4 hour shift along with my normal 8 hour workday.   This week is my vacation, and it’s pretty much become a stay-cation.  I am heading to Md, either Thursday or Friday.  I have a viewing tomorrow for one of my students who died last Saturday.  He’s a young man with Down’s Syndrome that developed pneumonia, was sent to UVA ICU, then developed blood clots in his lungs and couldn’t recover.  He was an amazing kid.  Genuinely loved God and it was amazing to watch him worship.  He would dance and sing unashamed.  It was inspiring to watch.    Friday is my birthday.  I’ll be 45.   Hard to believe and accept, but there it is.   I might have a midlife crises on Friday, I’m not sure yet though.    Well, on to the Bible study.   Psalms 119:121-123 has been fascinating.

121 I have done what is righteous and just;
   do not leave me to my oppressors.   David’s prayer in this section is simple .   He’s followed God’s direction and done the right things, yet he’s still being oppressed, he’s still being dogged by people who care nothing about justice.    This is something that still hounds christians to this day.   We do our best to do the right thing, the just thing, to not cheat or be devious, yet what happens?   People try to take advantage of us.  They throw obstacles in our way.   David’s second half of this verse is his request:  DO NOT LEAVE ME TO THESE JERKS (RPE: Robinson paraphrased Edition).   That has to be our prayer, that has to be my prayer.  God don’t leave me to these people.   You know what?  He hears that prayer, He’s working in the background and HE provides a way, in HIS time.

122 Ensure your servant’s well-being;
   do not let the arrogant oppress me.   Prayer for preservation.   That’s a common theme when under duress.   “GOD HELP ME”  How often have I prayed that prayer in the past week?   I’m not sure if I’m facing anyone arrogant, but the principle is the same.  Do not let this issue, this problem wrap itself around my life and strangle me.   David’s request is the same as any Christian who is facing a problem:  God keep me safe, and help me find a way out of this mess.

123 My eyes fail, looking for your salvation,
   looking for your righteous promise.  His cry of desperation.   He’s seeking so hard for God’s help, that his eye’s are literally tired and worn out.   It’s like a soldier in an observation post, who is surrounded.  He’s looking desperately, calling desperately for help and his voice is tired from calling on the radio, and his eyes are tired from looking on the horizon for expected relief.  David is saying he’s tired, but he’s expectant as well.  He’s looking for the promise that God has given that HE will deliver and he’s expecting that promise to be held to.  

I’ll stop there for today.  Take little chunks out of this section at a time.  Come back tomorrow for more, possibly the conclusion.  We’ll see.


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