Revolution Message: Going to the Source. Psalms 119:73-80

Tonight is my turn to do the message for Revolution.  I chose Psalms 119:73-80.   Here’s my outline and small group questions.  Enjoy

PSALMS 119:73-80

TITLE:  Going to the Source

ACTIVITY:  Give two minutes as a countdown.   Tell Group that somewhere in the warehouse is hidden $30.  A $10, 3 $5’s, and 5 $1 bills.  Boundaries are:  Not on Soundboard, not on stage, and not in rooms.   See who actually takes the time and makes the effort to look.

POINT:  I’ll have the bills in my pocket, if someone asks, then I have them, if they don’t the point is that they haven’t gone to the source.

In the short exercise we just did, some of you guys lost your mind searching for $30 that you thought was hidden.  Others didn’t even try.   The point:  We have to go to the source first.   Tonight we’re going to look at what it means to go to the source and why it’s important.

Read:  Psalms 119:73-80

Psalms 119 is almost redundant in describing David’s love of and desire to know God’s word.  In every section, David has at least one verse in which he’s saying he loves God’s law or desires to know it.  It was a passion from his earliest time as a teenager protecting his father’s sheep to the day he died as king of Israel.

Can we say that about ourselves, is knowing God’s word a passion for us?  A hobby?  A vague distraction?   The BIBLE is our main source for knowing GOD.   Prayer is what links us, but the BIBLE is what we use and how we gain a better understanding of what a relationship with Christ is about.  Let’s take a look at what some things that keep us from knowing God better and how we can, like David, Desire to know God deeper.

  1.  Distractions:  Distractions  of the world that keep us from going to the Bible

– The world is doing its best to replace the Bible as a source of reference on how to live

– Popular entertainment blogs and magazines tell us what beauty and popularity is

– Hollywood/New York are telling us how to live and define ourselves

-Vs 73:  David states that we are formed by God.  We are individual and unique creations of God

-Isa 49:5-6:  God has a plan for you even before conception

-Isa 29: 15-16- Man has a tendency to reverse and even ignore what God is doing

2.  The Bible is our connection to God:  Often we spend time, money, energy, and thought to try to fill a void in our lives.   The exercise we did in the beginning is a great example.   Those that lost their minds looking are an example of people looking everywhere but to the source.   Those that just sat and didn’t look are the opposite extreme, they don’t even try.   Think about it, which one are you?  The second half of each verse is a statement David makes about knowing God’s word.

  1.  When Trouble comes what do you run to?  Vs. 75-78.   What did David do when Affliction came?  What did David do when the arrogant accused him?   He said he ran to God’s word, he meditated on scripture.   God’s love is his comfort; God’s word was his source.
  2. It’s our source of respect.

Vs. 74, 79, & 80

– The world often equates popularity with respect

– To be popular isn’t necessarily to be respected

–  Whose respect are we seeking?

–  Ultimately, the only person whose opinion really matters is God, and then your opinion of yourself.

–  By taking a stand for what you believe in, you won’t gain friends, you will gain respect for being consistent, transparent and genuine

CONCLUSION:  As we go into small groups, let me leave you with this:
LUKE 11:9-10 “9 “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.10 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

What are you seeking?  What doors are you knocking on?  Whose respect are you seeking?

YOUNG MEN let me challenge you:  IF you claim to be a Christian, what will it take for you to stand up and live it?  It’s time to grow a pair, put your man pants on and get up off the couch.  It takes more guts to live a life of a Christian, than existing in the world.

YOUNG WOMEN:  What will take for you to stop having New York and Hollywood define who are and what you should look like?  You are a magnificent creation of God, uniquely made and beautiful in HIS eyes.   What the world is defining you as cheapens you.   Do you want some airbrushed Bimbo or some creepy New York magazine editor telling you how you should look and live and what to believe in, or are you going to allow the creator of the universe mold and define you?

Bottom line:   The only way to know is to go to the source.

Small Group Questions

(Only suggestions, use your discretion and be open to God’s leading)

  1.  How often or how long do you spend in the Bible
  2. How often/long do you read popular magazines/blogs/ or play video games
  3. Is there anything wrong with being aware of and participating in popular culture?
  4. Be What keeps you from spending time in the Bible
  5. Is it better to be popular or to be respected?
  6. How do you gain other people’s respect?
  7. Do people look to you as someone who is transparent and genuine?

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