Psalms 119:91-92

91 Your laws endure to this day,
   for all things serve you.   I wish we could say this for current time.  GOD’s word endures to this day, and until Christ comes, it will continue to endure, but there is such an attack on Christian values that it’s hard to believe that it will sometimes.    When you come right down to it, however, technology, culture, circumstances may change but the human condition and it’s penchant for sin doesn’t.   The delivery systems for change may change, but sin is constant.   That’s what I love about this verse.  Sin may be constant, but God’s word is the weight that overwhelms the constant of man’s sinful condition.   All things do eventually serve God in one way or another.   The human condition may be sinful, however, I believe that in all of us, there is a desire to be whole with Christ and somehow God uses our condition to point people to HIM.   I think it’s possible.
92 If your law had not been my delight,
   I would have perished in my affliction.   This is quickly becoming my favorite verse.   I see the application in my own life clearly.  David is saying, if he hadn’t taken a passionate delight in learning the word of God, when affliction hit him full on, he would have folded….caved in….been defeated by the desperation that comes from sin/affliction/disease/life.    The WORD OF GOD brings hope, it brings comfort, direction, and so much more to a persons life.   When we find delight in God’s Word, we find a reason and a hope.

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