The Miracle of Christmas: Christ grew up. Luke 2

I’m bringing the message this Sunday for my Youth Group, Revolution Youth, I’m pretty stoked about it, it might be my last one for a while since I’m stepping down as Youth director and back into the role of Youth Worker.    That’s a whole other story, and really, not the point.    My message for Revolution will be SOLUS CRISTUS: Christ Alone.     This is the rough draft so far.  I may leave out the discussion portion on Luke 2:41-51, I’ll decided after I wake up.

 Luke. 2

  1. Intro: Christmas time is a season of celebration. A time when we traditionally and historically celebrate the birth of Christ. What often happens however is that Christ gets lost in the hype around the holiday? Tonight we’re going to look at Christ’s birth and the little known parts if his early life.
  1. Read Luke 2:1-20, 39-52

Part 1: 1-20,39-40: the beginning
– the simple miracle of Christ’s birth.

fulfilled prophecy

born of a virgin

God engineered History to set up the perfect circumstances for Christ Birth and life. His location was simple yet prophetic
angels celebrated yet the first humans that saw him were average people:

  1. a simple carpenter and peasant girl
  2. 2. Shepherds were his first visitors.
  3. His first gifts were from strangers who followed a star

His first crib was a food trough.

When his parents had completed the necessary traditions they went back to their hometown, where Jesus GREW UP.

Do we truly comprehend that statement?  We have a savior born as a man. God gave up perfection to come and live in diapers and then learn the basics of life.

But it doesn’t end there.  Let’s look a little deeper into Christ’s story.

Luke 2:41-51

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