Psalms 119:81-82

81 My soul faints with longing for your salvation,
   but I have put my hope in your word.     Whatever is plaguing David at this particular point in time, he’s saying his soul is tired and longing for salvation.   This is interesting.   On Tuesday nights my youth group has small groups, the high school guys that I work with call our small group “battle group”, and we talked a little about this tonight.   When your soul is weary and you just need rest, you need hope.  When you’ve gotten so busy and distracted with the everyday things in life that you start missing out on the special time that comes from sitting alone with God.   Our souls get weary from the lack care we give to it.   David acknowledges this, and goes on to say that he’s put his hope in God’s word.  He acknowledges that the remedy for this soul weariness is to dig into God’s word.   When my soul becomes weary, I need to put my hope my trust in God’s word, to sit and listen and shut up and let God refresh me.   Turn off the noise of the distractions of tv and other stuff and just sit and bask in the Lord’s presence.
82 My eyes fail, looking for your promise;
   I say, “When will you comfort me?”    I have said this quite often this week.   After a major disappointment, I got angry with God.   “When is it my time, what is your best for me if not this?”     David echos my cries by saying “My eyes fail, looking for your promise”  He’s looked so hard that his eyes are weak and weary from expectancy.   His cry for comfort resonates with the disappointed, the weariness of the soul when it hasn’t found rest.   We cry out to God when heartbreak happens and so often throw blame and “attitude” at God, I know I have this past week.  Even last night; but, what does he say he finds his hope in?   In God’s word.   Do we….do I, dig into God’s word when disappointed or do I merely cast dispersion and anger at HIM.   The correct answer would be to say I dig into God’s word.   The truthful answer isn’t pretty.   The honest answer is that I’m more apt to throw dispersion and accusation at HIM.   Which, when you come right down to it, well, it’s pretty stupid.    Does God know what’s going to happen:  YES.  Does the decisions that man make catch HIM by surprise….NOPE.   His timing is perfect, His will is perfect; I am NOT.   He is I AM, the beginning and end, the Alpha and Omega.   I need to let HIM work and keep my eyes on HIM and HIM alone.

5 thoughts on “Psalms 119:81-82

  1. Great and honest post. So many of us go through this. Whether we are youth or youth leaders. I would like to re-post your blog giving you credit with a link back to your site on my “What Did They Say Wednesday”. On Wednesdays we post a blog from another blog writer. I will also probably be adding you to our Favorite Youth Leader page.


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