Psalms 119:73-74 Fashionably God’s choice

73 Your hands have made me and fashioned me;
         Give me understanding, that I may learn Your commandments.    I am/we are God’s choice.    He has made us, He fashioned us out of his own design, so we are fashionably God’s choice.   We are not a mistake, He didn’t make a mistake in our making.   He knew what He was doing and he made us and created us with loving care.    Too many times it’s said that God couldn’t have made somebody as screwed up as (insert name here/put your name here), but in reality, God knew what He was creating.   What happens is that Satan gets into our heads and puts these thoughts of self loathing into it.   What’s interesting is that, along with self loathing there comes a God loathing.   We tend to blame God for our perceived flaws and failings.   That’s how Satan gets his victims, he warps our view of ourselves so that we don’t see the potential God has given us.  I know I’ve fallen into that trap many times.   I spent close to five years hating myself and feeling like I failed God because I failed out of LU.   God has a plan.   God wants what’s best for me, HE made me and I need to live like a child of the creator.    When David states, ” Give me understanding, that I may learn Your commandments” he is asking for wisdom and grace so that  he may know God in a deeper way.  He’s not asking for wisdom to know the law, it’s not about legalism…’s about knowing the creator in a deeper, more meaningful way.
 74 Those who fear You will be glad when they see me,
         Because I have hoped in Your word.   Are people glad to see me when I walk into a room?   I don’t know, it depends on if I’ve been overly cheesy at that particular moment.  (Note to those who randomly read this: I am a ridiculously cheesy person, if a cheesy comment can be made in a situation, I can find it and will most likely say it)  In all seriousness though, is that something that can be said.   David thought it was important.  I think it lends to a persons integrity.  Is it about likability or respectability?   I think it’s about respect.   There are people I like, that I cringe when they walk into the room sometimes, but if I respect someone, I will be generally glad to see them.   The key to this is in the second half of David’s statement.   “Because I have hoped in Your word.” , because I/you have been digging into God’s word with that brings a compassion and love (hopefully) for others that transcends all differences.   Because I have hoped in HIS word, I will have a love for others and a desire to help, to teach, to mold, etc; this will, ultimately, lead to a respect from others so that when we do enter a room, genuine love and friendship will be there.

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