Distractions and Psalms 119:65-66

Got a little distracted last week and didn’t get around to digging into Psalms 119.  Distractions are a pain in the neck, but a fact of life.  I need to learn how to focus my head better on the things not of this world better; mainly Christ.   I did have the opportunity to go to LU to listen to Francis Chan, which was a really cool thing.    It wasn’t the ground breaking, awe-inspiring moment, but, then again, he’s a human being and I’m way past hero-worship.   He is a great communicator with a heart for God which is why I went.    It was really good.  He had some good stuff to say about living and walking this journey.    I spent til Weds in Lynchburg reconnecting with People and then on Thursday had coffee with a local youth pastor talking about College ministry.   I’ve got a burden for this group.   The church as a whole has a tendency to throw them to the wolves once they graduate from High School and automatically expect them to “grow up” and join them in big church with the rest of the masses.    Yeah, I know I didn’t do that.  Something has to change within the church.   We have to do better at reaching them.  It shouldn’t be that the large urban centers or college towns are actively reaching out and evangelizing, but it should be all of us.   What about the smaller towns that have only local community colleges?   What is the church doing to reach out to the future.  This age group is organizing.  They don’t need a leader from a previous generation.  They need the previous generation to support, resource, and mentor them.    We’re failing in general.  There are few bright spots that are actively engaging in battle for this generation, but as a whole we’ve thrown them to the wolves and hope the strong survive and eventually come back to the church.  It’s a tragedy.   What am I doing?   Not enough to be honest.   I’m actively involved in youth ministry, trying to pour into a few from this age group, but there’s got to be a better way.   I’m praying about the next step.

Psalms 119: 65-66

65 Do good to your servant
   according to your word, LORD.  That is a simple request we all have from God.  To do good to us, His servant according to His word.   We can trust God to keep his word,He doesn’t lie or have ulterior motives like humans do.  He’s pretty specific and forthright with His motive for our lives.   Live for Him, reach the world.  Pretty plain in His motives.   He has good things for us, the problems and and trials aren’t so much because of HIM, but in spite of us.   What I mean is the majority of trials that come our way are from natural consequences of choices we make; and yet we blame God or blame Satan, when in reality it’s our own fault.  Does God know the outcome of our choices: YES.  Was God Surprised:  NO.   Is God to blame:  Absolutely not.   Does Satan use our choices against us:  YEP!!   Does Satan do his best to throw us under the bus and distract us and get us to look inward instead of upward:  Most definitely.    This verse is a simple prayer any Christian can pray.   ” God do good for your servant, your child, it’s in the Bible and a promise, Amen”
66 Teach me knowledge and good judgment,
   for I trust your commands.    Now that’s a prayer I need.   David’s prayer for knowledge and good judgement, and it’s linked to the basic fact that he places his trust in God’s command.  When you get right down to the nitty gritty, that’s the very foundation of good judgement and knowledge.  Trusting in God’s commands.    We can learn knowledge from anywhere, and experience teaches us how to show good judgement, but when you look into the Word and dig into what God has written in the Bible, we have the necessary tools to gain knowledge and good judgement.

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