Psalms 119:61-62

61 Though the wicked bind me with ropes,
   I will not forget your law.    No matter what may happen, David is stating that he will not forget God’s law.   Even if taken captive by the wicked, he is determined to remember God’s laws.   His desire to remember God no matter what the hardship is his declaration.   Am I able to say that?   That’s a very good question.    I know that during the Viet Nam war, the thing that kep many of the men imprisoned in the Hanoi Hilton alive were the Bible verses they learned as children.   I know when things got very tough for me early last year, God would bring to my memory verses that really help me see it through that period of time.
62 At midnight I rise to give you thanks
   for your righteous laws.     David’s last thought before bed is to give thanks for the word of God.   This is great advice for any Christian.  To bury their head in the word before bed is brilliant idea because it is the last thing you will remember as you fall asleep.   Satan does not want us focused on God because his desire is to use our weakest moments to gain foothold in our lives somehow.   By digging into God’s word before going to sleep, we are placing a barrier between our thoughts and Satan.   Great advice.

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