Psalms 119:49-50

49 Remember your word to your servant,
   for you have given me hope.    Hope.   That is one of the recurring themes in Psalms.   David’s hope came from God, he expressed it continually and he lived it through all of the trials that came his way.   His hope came from experience of trusting that God would get him through and living through the promise of God getting him through an experience.   A lot of those times, those experiences were consequences of sin he brought on himself, but upon repentance and realization, there was hope that God would restore and renew.   The practical application in my life is the same.   I remember the promises of God-given through his word, I remember the experience of God living up to those promises during hard times (both self-inflicted and life moments), and it gives me hope for the present and future moments of trouble.
50 My comfort in my suffering is this:
   Your promise preserves my life.  Comfort.   Another of the recurring themes of Psalms.   What’s more, it is comfort in suffering.   David experienced suffering, both self-inflicted and life moments.   From betrayal by a mentor, death of a child, family tragedy, rebellious children, he experienced it, so he was a subject matter expert in suffering.  He could say he found comfort during his suffering that God promised to preserve his life.   God may shield us, He may deflect it, but He never said we wouldn’t experience it.   What He has promised us is that HE would be with us through the storm and after it.  He would always be with us.   That is a promise that no one can break.    

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