Revolution Lesson outline for 10/16/11

I’m scehduled to give this lesson this week at Revolution.  We’re on chapter 4 of John Bevere’s book The Bait of Satan.   The chapter is titled “My Father, My Father”, and it deals with conflict with a mentor/leader.  This is my outline for it.

Dealing with Conflict within Leadership

Main Text: I Samuel 24 Conflict in relationships is inevitable, but if the conflict is with someone you respect and value as a leader and mentor, it’s pretty stressful.   Sometimes that conflict comes from misunderstandings of motives or even from an outside source, regardless of where the conflict comes from or what the source is, the question is:  How do we deal with it?   Do we run, do we dig a deep hole and stick our head in it, do we confront aggressively?   David experienced this with Saul, let’s learn from his examples

Give Background to Saul and David’s relationship

  1.  I Samuel 15:20-30: Saul Rejected as King
  2. I Samuel 16: 14-23: David’s ministry to Saul and the people
  3. I Samuel 18:12:  Saul’s fear of David
  4.  Step back/Regroup
    1.  Bloom where you’re exiled:  David went above and beyond to prove his loyalty

-I Samuel 18:13, 30

                B.  Seek Guidance/Intervention

                                -Jonathan intervened with his Father:  I Sam 19:1-8

-Samuel:  David’s first stop when it became evident that he could no longer be around       Saul was Samuel:  I Samuel 19:18-24

  2.   You Prepare

                A. Prepare for: 

– Future ministry: learn from leader’s mistakes what not to do, how to treat people, deal with situations.
-Present ministry: be an example of Godly Integrity; others will be drawn to you.

            B.  Lead what you have:  I Samuel 22:2

-Often others will be watching as we are in the midst of conflict, how we handle it   will speak volumes

–  God will give us ministry opportunities in the midst of conflict; will we recognize them and honor God in them?

3.  You continue:  Don’t bury your head or dig a deep hole and hide.  David continued to fight for the people and be a protector for them.   WE need to d the same with the people that we are ministering to.

 4.   Work to Restore until GOD brings closure

5.   Always remember that God is our Salvation:  Psalms 119:41; Psa

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