Hello world!

So Hello blogging world, I’m back.   New season of life, new blog.   I decided to let the old xanga blog I had years ago die and waste away due to disinterest on my part.   It was good for a time, but, I don’t know, I lost interest.   New season of life, new things happening, but most of all I want to use this blog to keep me accountable in reading and studying God’s word and also in what books I’m reading to keep myself sharp.  So here goes.

I recently bought two books on my vacation.  Meditating on the word by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Erasing Hell by Francis Chan.   I’ve started both, but I’m further along in Bonhoeffer’s book, it’s one of the reasons I’ve started this blog; to challenge myself to look deeper into the text, to get back to writing out what God is showing me.

Early on in the book he talks about meditating through Psalms 119, to take a section at a time and meditate only on that section for a week.  I’m committing to do that as part of my devotions.   Hopefully, this will be in addition to other Bible study, but we’ll see what happens.

Currently I’m on Psalm 119:9-16, I’ve spent a good hour this afternoon, and then a good hour this evening looking at it:

               9: “How can a young man keep his way pure?  By keeping it according to THY WORD”   Purity is the ideal for Christians, it’s what we strive for, the only way can live to the ideal is to live according to God’s word.   In order to do that, we have to not only read it, but adhere to it, to live it and dig into it.  To paraphrase Bonhoeffer, we can’t just read it like any other book (well, we can, it won’t return void, but we can read it as piece of literature and it might mean nothing), we have to question it, to allow God to answer us when we seek HIM.

10.  “With all my heart I have sought THEE; Do not let me wander from THY Commandments”  Man, this is my hearts cry, but I have to admit I don’t seek him with all of my heart.  At worst it’s a lackadaisical “how ya doing”, at best, well I wouldn’t call it whole-hearted.    I want to say it’s whole-hearted, but I have to be honest with myself.

11.  “THY word have I treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against THEE”.   That’s a verse we use to support bible verse memorization, and it’s applicable.   I’ve read stories of Vietnam war POW’s who would recite whole scriptures that they learned as children during their incarceration.   I think it goes further though.   Another version the word “HID” instead of “treasured”, but don’t we hide the things we treasure.  At the appropriate time we bring our treasure out and show it to those we love, those we’re trying to impress for one reason or another.  Some do it out of vanity, to show their “mastery” of the Bible, but I think it should be more than that.   If I truly treasure HIS word, then I should be repeating it in a way that is Honoring to the Giver of the treasure I’ve been given.

12.  “Blessed art though O Lord; Teach me Thy Statues”   In the end, it’s the Lord that’s the great teacher.   I shouldn’t be reading HIS word in any other way except to be taught by HIM.

OK.  That’s enough for tonight.   I’m going to bed, I’ll finish up in the am.  Oh, wait, it is the am…..well, I’ll finish when I wake up.

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